Reveal your forecast optimization potential, with EyeOn Fast Scan

The Fast Scan quantifies your forecasting improvement potential, by industry benchmarking your forecast and providing insights into the maximum forecast accuracy that can be reached. All in just a few days.

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Discover our unique way of working, delivering fact-based results by making use of EyeOn’s extensive experience in benchmarking of forecasting processes.

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What the EyeOn Fast Scan brings you:

Insight into forecastability

Gain rapid insights into the main demand characteristics and forecastability of your business. The scan reveals the highest possible statistical forecast accuracy that can be reached and identifies the main opportunities for improvement.

Quantified improvement potential

The Fast Scan supports you to quantify potential service level improvement, inventory reductions as well as efficiency gains in your forecasting process, helping you to build a strong business case for improving your demand planning process.

Built on extensive forecasting experience

The scan delivers fact-based results, making use of EyeOn’s extensive experience in benchmarking of forecasting processes. We will quantify your forecast improvement potential with the help of detailed results dashboards in PowerBI.

EyeOn Fast Scan immediately delivers:

  • Tangible insights into your data quality
  • Quick win parameter updates, including seasonality & trends
  • A roadmap to step up your forecast performance and get years ahead
  • Data-driven ROI justification for improvement initiatives

Take advantage of over two decades of experience in forecast improvement

Ready to reveal your forecast optimization potential?

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