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Planning Services implements proven innovations to raise your forecasting and planning performance. We work in the most pragmatic way possible and make use of EyeOn knowledge and experience in over hundred large, international companies. We develop and implement the best fit-for-purpose improvements with real impact.

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By connecting to our services your planning & forecasting performance gets an instant boost. We enable planners and the organization to rapidly transform to the next planning level. And deliver clear insights to your specific planning needs, to shape your future planning capabilities at your own pace.


As a third-party service provider, we continuously invest in new technology and skills for leading-edge performance. We leverage latest forecasting & planning innovations driven by the consultancy, data science and solutions teams of EyeOn.


Planning Services developed a worry-free, efficient and customized Build-Operate-Transfer method. With our advanced analytics and actionable insights, you can steer your business in the right direction and accelerate business benefits.

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Lighten your load. Let us assist you with advanced forecasting, inventory optimization and end-to-end supply chain insights. Explore how other companies already connected with our specialised services to boost their planning and forecasting performance.


You need specialized knowledge to generate the best possible forecast, to determine optimal inventory parameter settings and create fit-for-purpose end-to-end supply chain insights. Our Planning Services experts share their knowledge and learnings on a regular base.

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Facing supply chain planning challenges in today’s dynamic and uncertain business environment? Within a short timeframe our customers achieve higher performance and time effective planning with advanced analytics as-a-service.

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