Why connect?

In today’s dynamic and uncertain business environment, your supply chain planning challenges continue to grow. Your portfolio is more complex than ever. Consumer behaviour is volatile. You face growing pressure on price and margins. The IT landscape is changing rapidly.

To understand and be able to deal with this intricate and erratic market, you need high-quality planning. Performed by well-educated and highly skilled planners. And talent is hard to find. Planning Services lightens your load.

Improved planning performance

In our Planning Services we apply EyeOn high expertise and specific skills in advanced statistical forecasting, inventory optimization and end-to-end supply chain insights. Our services result at customer side in increased forecast accuracy, unbiased forecast and optimized inventories driving high customer service against low stock levels.

Increased process efficiency

Our Planning Services are lean, easy to connect and supported with efficient and scalable tooling; For our customers, we are an enabler to build a more efficient planning organization; the focus of planners shifts to key value drivers like new products and promotions.

Consistent worry-free professional execution

EyeOn Planning Services combines robust and secure repetitive service execution with active tuning to changing business dynamics: We deliver high quality, reliable, worry free process execution in terms of costs and accuracy, including continuous improvement.

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