As a third-party service provider, we continuously invest in new technology and skills for leading-edge performance. We leverage latest forecasting & planning innovations driven by the consultancy, data science and solutions teams of EyeOn.

State-of-the-art data science

Our services all run on Honeycomb: EyeOn data science platform for advanced forecasting, inventory optimization & scenario analysis. Honeycomb combines state-of-the-art data science capabilities for data preparation, modeling, machine learning & analytics and visualization with a secure and fully scalable data storage environment.

Planning Services technology platform

Leading technology solutions

Honeycomb is combining AWS cloud based data storage layers, latest Dataiku DSS Advanced Analytics & AI technology and EyeOn’s expert Python plugins for planning & forecasting.

We make use of leading visualization tools like Tableau and Microsoft PowerBi to share actionable insights with both directors and operational planners. Our platform can be easily and quickly connected to running ERP or Advanced Planning Systems to exchange data, forecasts and optimized planning parameters in an automated and secured way.

We offer a cloud-based demand management tool, based on Jedox technology, as an affordable (temporary) alternative supply chain planning solution.