Planning Services developed a worry-free, efficient and customized build-operate-transfer method. With our advanced analytics and actionable insights, you can steer your business in the right direction and accelerate business benefits.

We begin by building and operating processes for you, while gradually transferring our knowledge and expertise to your in-house staff. Instead of having to continually outsource, you build a highly qualified in-house team you can rely on to forecast and plan your business operations.

The build-operate-transfer method does much more than improve the quality of forecasting and planning processes. It enables you to grab business benefits directly while your in-house planning capability grows steadily due to training and on-the-job coaching.

Once your own organisation is ready, Planning Services transfers the process to your team. Your employees grow their skills through training and on-the-job coaching. The transferred knowledge and expertise empower your planning employees to carry out this work in-house.


3 steps to planning excellence

Step 1 - Build

  • Run proof of concept
  • Configure Honeycomb platform
  • Connect with Planning Services

Step 2 - Operate

  • Run advanced analytics
  • Share tailored actionable insights
  • Support continuous improvement

Step 3 - Transfer

  • Handover from Planning Services to you
  • Run training programme
  • Coach on the job

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