The secret of actionable dashboards

Effective dashboards bring together knowledge, human interpretation of data, and the strength of automatization. It opens new ways of working, often much faster than before. Good dashboards are easy to understand, with a clear focus and engaging visuals. They should be exciting to work with!

It can be a challenge to create such dashboards. Effective dashboards satisfy a specific goal and should be targeted towards actionable insights. It’s tempting to add on more and more data, eventually creating the same data overload that you tried to avoid in the first place. A structured and creative approach is necessary to create an engaging but focused dashboard. Searching for that fine line between information overload and effective data design is where the EyeOn insights team accelerates.

Information overload; a data dump without focus

We work together with Planning Services, bringing best practices in dashboard design and insights to the operational side of forecast and inventory analyses. Learning from the business and growing with the reporting tools as they become stronger and more mature over time. There is always more to explore within the reporting tools, because they are amongst the best tools out there. All in favor of more suitable and effective dashboards for data driven analyses.

Effective dashboard; actionable insights and engaging design

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