Junior Consultant in Planning Services

As a consultant in Planning Services you are responsible for the implementation and regular execution of statistical forecast generation, inventory parameter optimization and/or complex dashboard creation & improvement for several large multinational customers.
In this role you serve as an integral part of our customer’s integrated business planning (IBP) cycle, providing them with timely deliverables and intelligent insights on a recurring basis, generated from their latest historical sales data and other driver-based data sources.

Your role as a junior consultant in Planning Services

In your every day work you will be applying your analytical skills and mathematical expertise to consistently deliver outstanding results on a recurrent basis to our expanding portfolio of international customers. When we embark on a new planning service for a customer, you participate in an eight week build phase to create a customer-specific data flow using our proprietary data science platform.
After the implementation project concludes you assume responsibility for the recurring service deliverables each week, month or quarter, as appropriate. You commit to steadily improving the forecasting & planning processes and the customer-specific data flow, by combining your customer and technical knowledge to apply quantitative models in a smart way.

A key indicator for success in this role is steady performance improvement and high customer satisfaction. If you are a person who loves to build a lasting customer relationship and gain deep understanding of a customer’s business and industry dynamics, then you will be in your element running a service.
If you get energized by taking initiative, driving continuous improvement, and using your data science and industry insights to help grow your customer’s business, then the role of consultant at Planning Services will give you opportunity and a platform to shine.

At EyeOn you will get to work with the latest innovations, techniques, solutions, and insights in the field of planning and forecasting. As believers in the future where data is the core and most decisions are made by machines, we are constantly developing ourselves and the techniques and methods we work with. We challenge you to do the same.

The core Planning Services team is located in Croy Castle, Aarle-Rixtel, near Eindhoven, The Netherlands, as part of our forecasting and planning knowledge center. However remote working, with regular visits to the office, is considered norm, so applications from other locations are welcome.


  • Assume responsibility for an integral part of our customer’s integrated business planning cycle.
  • Build and maintain robust data flows that seamlessly connect to the customer’s planning cycles.
  • Be the first point of contact for customers for all their service related questions.
  • Work together with the customer to ensure prompt and thorough data validation. Process customer data as part of each cycle and investigate the source of any data anomalies. Provide constructive feedback to the customer to drive improvement in data integrity across their data eco-system.
  • Make quantitative analysis deep-dives and deliver critical insights and recommendations each service cycle, by translating customer data into compelling, visual, pragmatic results.
  • Collaborate with the customer to identify opportunities for improvement and implement them in subsequent cycles.
  • Influence customer retention and service growth by maintaining a close relationship with all stakeholders.
  • Stay on the cutting edge of innovations in your field and convert them into pragmatic applications to improve future services.
  • Grow our data science platform by contributing to DevOps cycles through product development and release testing.
  • Learn from other experts within EyeOn and share your knowledge and passion with your equally passionate colleagues.
  • Working location: flexible, with regular visits to our global headquarters in Croy Castle – Aarle-Rixtel, near Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Profile candidate

  • A degree in operations research, data science, econometrics, mathematics or equivalent.
  • A customer- and solution-oriented team player, with a passion for puzzle-solving.
  • Affinity with IT and supply chain planning.
  • Some experience in programming (such as Python, SQL, R) is a plus.
  • Comfortable with being responsible for a service and operating with clear deadlines.
  • Enjoys working in a structured way.
  • Naturally curious to understand and improve.
  • Communicative and sociable.
  • EU-working permit.

Why work for EyeOn?

  • A great place to work in a no-nonsense environment: you will work with colleagues that have absolute passion for supply chain planning and data science.
  • Challenging projects, working with large multinationals.
  • A healthy work/life balance: at EyeOn your private life is equally – if not more – important as your work.
  • Working for a company that cares about society (see EyeOn Foundation or our sustainable development goals).
  • A fun work environment offering numerous opportunities to connect with colleagues at company events, over lunch or over a game of table-football.
  • Employee autonomy: you decide how you schedule your agenda, work and working location.
  • An environment that nurtures your passion for data science and supply chain and enables your growth, building your CV in these areas.
  • Focus on personal development: at EyeOn you create your own personal development program and we facilitate you in achieving your ambitions. Offering a broad range of career direction.
  • Excellent employee benefits and perks including bonus potential: you can receive bonuses on personal development and on how well the company is doing.

Answers to your questions

Inge Loog is available to answer any questions you may have about this role. Contact Inge at inge.loog@eyeon.nl.
An individual assessment is part of our selection procedure.

About EyeOn

In striving for success, large companies have to continuously struggle against growing internal complexity. We help our clients manage this complexity by designing, implementing and executing excellent planning processes as a discriminating factor for this success. In order to achieve this, we develop and share knowledge about top level planning and forecasting, with constantly demonstrable return on investment for our clients.


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